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Quality Target

...with the philosophy of the best quality.

Quality Policy

1. All the employees do their best in performing
    the quality system.

2. All the employees build the target policy to
    acquire the quality target and perform

3. We establish the organic association and do
    the best in making a goal in each role and

2001 Quality Target

1. Perfecting of quality system - QS 9000 after
    sales service

2. 6 sigma finishing the education and
    improvement and bringing to the effect

3. HQRS(HMC associated corporation quality
    guarantee estimation) - more than 700

4. Badness in process 1800 PPM

5. Badness in products 80 PPM

6. Badness in resending 50 PPM

7. Badness in inspection of the imports

R&D Major Equipment
Ulsan plantInner Pressure Tester, Hot Wind Dryer, Hardness Testing Machine, Projector, Electronic Mirror, Micro Cutter, Metal Microscope, Polishing Machine, Surface Roughness Tester, Instrument Internal Cleanliness Tester,
Vector Measuring Machine
Asan plantSalt Spray Tester, Instrument Internal Cleanliness Tester, Optical Microscope, Impact Tester, Universal Testing Machine, Leak Tester, Melt Point Tester, Vibration Tester, Steel Ball
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