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Fuel & Brake Tube

Fuel Tube
It takes on the role of providing fuel from the fuel tank to the engine's combustion chamber and also provides fuel to the engine's piston so that it makes the engine move actively.

Brake Tube
At the time of stopping the car with brake pedals, the brake oil in the tube operates the cylinders in the wheels so that it makes the brake lining and the drums operate properly.

Fuel(Plastic) & Brake Tube Bundle

This is on an increasing tendency for teh Brake Tube and the Fuel Tube Line becoming Modules

Fuel(Steel) & Brake Tube Bundle

Plastic Fuel Tube

In order to satisfy environmental restrictions, which are becoming stricter everyday, it is changing into various structures. There is a tendency for continuously expanding to advantages of becoming lightweight and cost reduction.

Metal Fuel Tube

This is a pipe laying which circulates or provides fuel through the filters from the fuel tank's pumps. It consists of Supply (Feed), Return, and Vapor Pipe and is being used in gasoline and diesel fuel system.

Brake Tube

To stop the car, it is used in delivering high-pressure Oil from the brake pedal to the drums.

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